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Current Liquibase Core Release: 3.6.3 (January 29, 2019)


Database Source Control/Versioning
Source Code Control Integrations
Native SQL Support (PL/SQL, SQLPL, T-SQL, etc.)
Contexts and Labels
SQL Output Support
Diff Support
Rollback Support
Dynamic Parameter Support
Preconditions Support
Immutable Database Code Artifact
Object-Based Rules Engine  
Automated Database Code Validation  
Standards and Compliance Enforcement  
Web UI to Deploy and Track State  
Role-Based Authentication  
Secure Credential Management  
Stored Logic Support  
Code Rework/Redo Workflow  
Pipeline-Based Project Configuration  
Deployment Simulation and Error Reporting  
Automated Reporting and Audit Database  
Commercial Support and Training  
Automated Privilege Reconciliation  

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Have Question On How To Use Liquibase?

Most questions on general Liquibase usage are best handled on Stack Overflow using the “liquibase” tag

Have A Feature Idea? Did You Find A Bug In Liquibase?

If it is a bug in the main Liquibase library, log it in Liquibase Jira.

If it is a bug with an extension, log it issues section of the extension’s github page. For example or

All Liquibase-managed extensions can be found in the Liquibase GitHub group

Looking for Liquibase News?

Liquibase release announcements as well as general project news and articles are cross posted to the Liquibase blog at and the mailing list.