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  • Track, version and deploy database changes
  • Rollbacks
  • Design changes in the format you want (SQL, XML, YAML and JSON)
  • Automatically generate database-appropriate SQL
  • Active user community and forum

Liquibase Pro

Starting at $ 198/month
  • All the flexibility of Liquibase Community
  • Targeted rollback for a specific change
  • Targeted rollback for an entire set of changes
  • Expanded Stored Logic functionality, including snapshots, diffs and rollbacks
  • Easier-to-use changelog
  • Break/fix support
  • Help for teams to get up and running quickly
  • Personalized support from Liquibase experts for your use case

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Liquibase Pro Pricing

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Number of databases
connected to Liquibase Pro
Price per
5 Database Connections
Price per month:$ 198
10 Database Connections
Price per month:$ 396
15 Database Connections
Price per month:$ 594
20 Database Connections
Price per month:$ 792
25 Database Connections
Price per month:$ 990

To purchase more than 25 database connections to Liquibase Pro please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

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Does Liquibase work with branches?
Why do I have to specify an “author” tag? Can I just use an “id” tag?
How can I specify vendor-specific features?

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