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Database migrations are difficult. They shouldn’t be. Liquibase is used by millions of development teams around the world to automate manual database changes. Whether you have existing databases with countless objects or a greenfield development in the cloud, Liquibase is the proven solution.



Current Liquibase Core Release: 3.8.8 (March 19, 2020)

Liquibase is an open source database-independent solution for tracking, managing, applying, and deploying database schema changes.

Integrating Liquibase into your overall code version management system and CI/CD efforts can sync up your database versions with your app versions for faster, higher quality software release cycles.

How does it work?

Liquibase uses scripts (called changesets) to manage database changes. These changesets can be stored in various formats, including XML, YAML, JSON, and SQL. A master file lists all the changeset files. Liquibase also tracks which changesets have already run.

Issuing an update command looks at the current state of your database and identifies which changes have already happened. Then, it runs the rest of the changes giving you the latest revision of your defined structure.

Need support for Liquibase?

Learn more about Liquibase Pro.

Have Questions About How to Use Liquibase?

Most questions on general Liquibase usage are best handled on Stack Overflow using the “liquibase” tag. You can also take a look at our Getting Started guide.

Have a Feature Idea? Did You Find a Bug in Liquibase?

If it is a bug in the main Liquibase library, log it in Liquibase Jira.

If it is a bug with an extension, log it issues section of the extension’s GitHub page. For example, or

All Liquibase-managed extensions can be found in the Liquibase GitHub group.

Looking for Liquibase News?

Liquibase release announcements, as well as general project news and articles, are cross-posted to the Liquibase blog and the mailing list.